I finally finished the TMA question associated with Unit AA1: Numbers today, and it’s quite a relief! I feel like I’ve been working on AA1 for absolutely ages. It’s not a bad unit, by any means, but for some reason my motivation levels have been a lot lower than usual lately, so I’ve barely been putting any time into M208 for the last few weeks.

The trickiest bit of AA1, for me, was the whole Proving Inequalities section. I love proof by induction, I really do, but I seemed to have a great deal of trouble with all the exercises involving it in AA1. I’ve also realised that if the exercise doesn’t explicitly state which method of proof I should use, I generally opt for entirely the wrong choice. I spent ages agonising over a particular problem that I was trying to solve using induction, and then realised when I finally relented and re-read the appropriate bit of the unit, that it was actually possible to give a direct proof fairly easily. I’m pretty good at over-complicating things, it seems!

I got TMA02 back through the post this week, which is probably what gave me the impetus I needed to finally finish this unit and the TMA question about it. I managed 92% on TMA02, which I’m pretty much okay with – I wouldn’t have been surprised if it had come back much lower than that, since I generally feel like a bit of an imposter on this course.

Anyway, now it’s time to make a start on Unit AA2: Sequences. I remember really enjoying the bits about sequences in MS221, so hopefully this unit won’t take me another three weeks to work through!