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The MS221 exam was this afternoon, so I’m now officially done with both of this year’s courses! I think Part 1 of the exam went well, but Part 2 was a lot more challenging than I expected – I went for the “volume of revolution” question and the one involving propositional logic and proof by induction, neither of which went as well as I’d hoped. So I think I’ll be looking at a Pass 2 or maybe a Pass 3 for this exam, depending on how many silly arithmetic errors I made. Hopefully I’ll get a better grade for MS221 than for M366, at least!
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The exam is over, and I think it went okay, but I’m not at all confident that I’ll have passed this one – hopefully the results will be released around the start of December like they were last year, I’ll be very interested to find out whether I’ve managed to scrape a Pass 4! Anyway, now that it’s over and done with, it’s time for a good navelling-gazing session about M366 as a whole…
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I finally got TMA04 for M366 back this morning, and was very happy to find that I’ve got my best mark of the entire course for this one – 93%! Which is a well-timed confidence boost, since my M366 revision has been challenging to say the least! I’ll be happy with a Pass 4 in the exam, to be honest. Let’s just hope there are plenty of questions about Block 5, since that seems to be my strong point…

I got the MS221 TMA04 back a while ago, but I only had a quick look at the score and the summary comments, as I didn’t want it to distract me too much from the M366 exam prep I’m doing at the moment. I got a disappointing 88% for this one, which particularly worries me since Block D was my favourite part of the course, and I expected to do a lot better than that. I can’t believe I scored better on the calculus TMA than this one!

Well, I’ll have plenty of chance to go through the detailed feedback and find out exactly what went wrong with my understanding of Block D, once the M366 exam is over and done with next Wednesday. Until then, it’s back to neural networks, learning rules and search algorithms for me!