I was wondering in my last post whether the MS221 unit about groups would be any fun, and quite unexpectedly it turned out to be really enjoyable! I particularly liked working with Cayley tables and isomorphisms (even if the former can sometimes feel a bit like filling in a sudoku puzzle!), and on the basis of this chapter, I’m very much looking forward to the material on groups in M208. From what I can tell, there are a whole seven units on group theory in M208, so I’ll certainly get a chance to see whether my interest in the subject is more than a passing phase!

Chapter D4, the “proof and reasoning” chapter, was good solid fun too – and very reminiscent of the material on logic in M263, so it was quite a nostalgic experience for me. It definitely helps to have encountered the idea of proof by induction before; I think I had some trouble with that originally in M263, so I think it could be a bit of a stumbling block for the MS221 students who haven’t met the topic before.

There was one bit in D4 that I had a lot of trouble with – proving statements about inequalities. I’m not sure why, but I seem to have some kind of weird mental block when it comes to inequalities. So I’m going to have to do loads of practice questions involving them during my revision work – I don’t want to have an inequality-induced freakout in the middle of the exam!

So now that I’ve finished with chapter D4, I’ll be spending this weekend wrapping up TMA04, and then I’ll need to work out some kind of revision plan – only 5 weeks and three days to go until the M366 exam, eek!