And thankfully it was a nice 99%! I did still make some silly mistakes (forgetting the dx on the end of integrals, that sort of thing), but on the whole it seems like my proofreading skills have improved since last time. And I’m amazed that my extremely wobbly sketched graph for Question 2 got good marks; it looked like something a primitive robotic arm might have drawn, so I’m pleased my tutor could even tell what it was supposed to be!

It seems like a lot of the mistakes I make are actually typing errors, so I’ll be interested to see whether I make the same kind of mistakes when writing by hand. Luckily there are a bazillion* past exam papers available for MS221, so I’ll have plenty of opportunity to iron out any wrinkles in my hand-written maths abilities.

*Actual amount: 5. Still much better than M257’s paltry 3 past papers, though.