I wouldn’t have been surprised if I’d ended up with a Pass 2 or Pass 3 for this one, to be honest, so I was very relieved to see that I got 90% for the exam, and 98% for the continuous assessment. I’m so glad it’s a distinction – I was beginning to worry that I’d need to either retake M257 or substitute another course in its place (which would have entailed changing degree programmes, since M257 is compulsory for B14).

Alex’s results for S104 were released today too – he’s managed an awesome 92% for the ECA, and 79% for the continuous assessment. I’m so proud of him, and very relieved as it means that he’s definitely going to carry on studying with the OU in future. I would have been quite sad if we’d gone back to being a single-student household!

Anyway, well done to everyone who got their results through today – I hope you all got the grades you wanted!