I had a really great study timetable worked out for June and July, which included a nice weekend off (for a little holiday in the Peak District), followed by a week of gentle catching-up to get back on schedule. Unfortunately for me, I came back from my holiday with a nasty cold, and ended up missing an extra week of studying. So for the last three days I’ve been trying desperately to get back up to speed with MS221, which has basically meant studying from breakfast til bedtime, with short breaks for meals. If anyone is wondering whether it’s possible to do a unit of MS221 in 24 hours, I can confirm that it is! Whether it’s possible to do it well is another matter entirely…

Anyway, despite having to rush through it, I’ve enjoyed Block C of MS221 for the most part. I was a bit bored by Taylor polynomials at first, but now that I’ve finished unit C3, I do find them quite satisfying to work with – like the presenter in the associated Algebra Workout program said, it’s a bit like “splitting the atoms” of functions, and getting to look at the building blocks that they’re composed of (or at least, that a good approximation might be composed of).

I’ve just about finished TMA03 now, so this afternoon I’ll be getting back to Block 4 of M366, and then making a start on TMA03 for that course – I’ve heard that it’s a very tough assignment, so I’m really quite worried that I won’t get it finished in time. Still, if the last few days are anything to go by, fear of failure is an excellent motivator when I’m pushed for time!