Alex completed his gargantuan final iCMA for S104 yesterday, so a big congratulations to him and to all the other S104 students who are wrapping up iCMA49 and the ECA this week! From an outsider’s perspective, S104 seems pretty gruelling for a Level 1 course, and I have a huge amount of respect for anyone who has successfully tackled it.

I think the main difference between S104 and the Level 1 courses I did (MST121 and M150) is the huge range of different topics you have to cover in S104. Alex and his fellow students had to get to grips with everything from environmental science to chemistry to quantum physics – I think it’s great to get an overview of how the various fields are connected, but unfortunately it means that most students will end up slogging through at least one topic that they have absolutely no interest in. For Alex it was geology, but I’m sure there were plenty of students who detested his beloved astronomy/physics units!

Anyway, we’re now a one-student household (at least until September, when he’ll be starting S151), so I’ll be keeping Alex busy with lots of housework, gardening, and making cups of tea, while I get on with my M257 revision. Honestly, these non-students are so lazy! 😉