I’ve decided today that I’m finally going to give up Pepsi Max, and I have ScienceBlogs and the OU to thank for this. First, there’s this post on SciencePunk, which features a very funny parody of Pepsi’s marketing, and a link to a painfully silly real article about Pepsi’s marketing. Second, and more importantly, I worked out how much money I’m actually spending on Pepsi per year: £720! I would be an idiot to continue spending this much on what is basically just sweet, fizzy water. Especially since next year’s OU course won’t cost that much!

So to help motivate myself to stop throwing money into PepsiCo’s gaping maw, I’ve written up a possible plan for my future OU studies, with the estimated costs listed:

Code Course Title Points Cost Year
M208 Pure mathematics 60 £610 2010
M381 Number theory and mathematical logic 30 £340 2011
M362 Developing concurrent distributed systems 30 £380 2012
M337 Complex analysis 30 £340 2013


These prices are probably out-of-date by now, since the OU website doesn’t list the prices for next year’s presentations – but even if M208 ends up costing a bit more than £610, it’s still a better bargain than the 710 bottles of Pepsi Max I would otherwise be spending the money on!

So now I’ve just got to rewrite the joke on my About page about turning Pepsi into TMAs…