I’m really happy to have this TMA back at last, mainly because it means Alex won’t have to put up with me grumbling eleventy-billion times per day about how much I want to see my grade and feedback. I got 95% for this one, which is a little bit worse than the mark I got for M255 TMA01 (96%) and so is a tiny bit disappointing, but overall I’m very happy with the score.

I felt very detached when I submitted TMA01 via the eTMA system, which was quite an unpleasant feeling; since there had been a few weeks between finishing the assignment and actually submitting it, I felt a bit like I didn’t really know what I was submitting (and had to try very hard not to keep unzipping the file and having a look, just to make sure it was all there!). I do keep a record on my study calendar of which questions I’ve finished for each TMA, so I knew I must have fully finished the assignment, but it was still unsettling not to have it fresh in my mind.

So I think for TMA03, and certainly for the assignments in M366 and MS221, I’m going to try to leave the TMA-writing stage until closer to the cut-off date. I definitely don’t want to be feeling unsettled and anxious about three different TMAs at once!