And thankfully it’s a distinction! I wasn’t expecting the result until Friday, but after reading a post on Open University Etc that mentioned MT262 results, I took a deep breath and loaded up my MT262 course record page:


I was actually anticipating a much lower mark, as I assumed that doing well on the TMAs had made me complacent – very pleasant surprise to see that my exam score isn’t that far below my average for the TMAs!

I suppose another reason that I expected a low score is that I’ve only just signed up for my first Level 3 computing course, and I kind of braced myself to get a dismal score for MT262, since that would completely undermine my confidence for M366. Not the most sensible thing to think, I know!

Rather sweetly, the course record page includes a paragraph that starts with:

Well done!

You have achieved the highest course result status possible.

which I don’t remember seeing on the equivalent pages for M255 and M263. It’s a bit cheesy, I guess, but I still appreciate the praise (which probably indicates how much real-life academic praise I tend to get!). Getting my result has brightened up what was turning out to be a really miserable day – to be honest, sometimes I wonder what I’d do without my OU studies!