I’m really quite envious of all the work Alex is doing for S104. It’s a 60-point course, so he’s doing about three times the amount of studying I’m doing for M257, which is unfortunately a rather slender 20-points. We’ve got into a rhythm where if I’m studying, he feels like studying, and when he’s studying I feel like studying, which is a bit impractical when one of you is limping along on 20pts of Level 2. The OU offer a lot of advice about what and how to study, but sometimes I wish they provided advice about how to cope with not studying.

I watched episode three of the OU/BBC documentary series The Story of Maths last night, which made me even more eager to get started with MS221. In the meantime, I’ve decided to try out some of the maths textbooks available from my local library, to get myself back into the habit of actually doing maths and thinking mathematically. I’m starting with Countdown To Mathematics Vol 2, and then after that I’ll probably go for Pure Mathematics. I’ve worked through the first few chapters of the latter before, but I put it aside to focus on MT262 revision, so I’ll most likely need to start from scratch when I get the book out again. I remember it being good fun, and very nicely presented, so if I don’t enjoy Countdown To Mathematics, I might skip straight to Pure Mathematics instead.

I also have one of the recommended preparatory texts for M366, Imitation of Life, which I could/should be reading in my spare time, but the few times I’ve tried to start the the book I haven’t been able to sustain my interest in it. Hopefully that isn’t presaging a lack of interest in M366 itself! To be honest, sometimes I do wonder if I should do M359 instead, given my liking for databases and SQL, but the poor reviews have put me off. Perhaps if there are some more positive reviews posted before the sign-up deadline in December…