Seven days until the MT262 exam, that is, after which I will officially be down to just the one, lonely little course (again!). I’m actually looking forward to getting the exam over and done with, since it feels like MT262 has been hanging around for ages now! I finished TMA04 quite a bit earlier than I expected to, and while it’s been nice to have extra free time during the summer, I can’t help but feel like it’s time wasted. The more OU courses I do, the more bereft I feel in the gaps between them!

I really wish I could bring my February-starting courses (MS221: Exploring mathematics and M366: Natural and artificial intelligence) forward a few months – I want to get stuck into MS221 as soon as possible, since maths is a lot more of a challenge for me than computing. Actually, M366 will probably be quite challenging too, given that it’s my first Level 3 course. Hopefully I won’t have bitten off more than I can chew, but I suppose I’d rather be taking on too much than too little.

I’m looking forward to MS221 particularly, for two reasons:

  • I’m a strange person who gets a kick out of working on maths problems.
  • Doing MS221 will show me whether it’s realistically feasible for me to eventually do the really interesting maths courses like M381: Number theory and logic (I’ve been lusting after that one ever since M263 introduced me to sets and formal logic).

I have a bit of Imposter Syndrome going on when it comes to maths; I didn’t get fantastic grades in MST121 (my overall assessment score was 89%, but there were some Pass 2 grades in the mix), and will probably always feel like I’m not quite good enough to take any maths courses, let alone the really good Level 3 stuff. So either I’ll get good grades for MS221, and go on to bask in the glorious warmth of M208 and M381 – or I’ll get mediocre grades, and decide that maybe computing really is more interesting than maths after all!