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Seven days until the MT262 exam, that is, after which I will officially be down to just the one, lonely little course (again!). I’m actually looking forward to getting the exam over and done with, since it feels like MT262 has been hanging around for ages now! I finished TMA04 quite a bit earlier than I expected to, and while it’s been nice to have extra free time during the summer, I can’t help but feel like it’s time wasted. The more OU courses I do, the more bereft I feel in the gaps between them!

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The first bit of advice I would give to anyone taking an OU course involving an exam is: if you can afford it, go to the OUSA online store and buy all of the available past papers for your course. I’ve taken two Level 2 exams so far, and I owe a large chunk of my grade for each of those to the time I spent tackling the past papers. I think there are two big advantages to including past papers in your revision plan:

  1. You become familiar with the exam format, so you’re less likely to freeze and panic on the day.
  2. You get to find out exactly what kind of silly errors you make when under pressure.

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